Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Starting fresh.

Hello, welcome back - I missed you all!

Welcome to Modern Wife Life 31. 

1 year ago I said my goodbyes to my blogging life, I decided that my old blog "Bella In Bindyland" that I had wrote for 3 years was no longer for me. It no longer bought me the joy it once did and I was also having a personal battle within myself about posting about my newly born daughter. I had dreamed of being one of "those" Mummy bloggers that wrote about each & every joy & trial of Motherhood as it happened, being brutally honest & raw. But I couldn't, something inside of me just would not let me write about our darling girl for the public. I felt like (& still do) that I have been given one job in my life & I feel it is my calling and that is to be her Mumma & her protector - and I know how dreadful the internet can be firsthand, so I couldn't throw her out there for predators, trolls, critics and haters, I just couldn't. I would sit down and try to write but I would come up blank & I do believe that has a higher meaning. I started having the feeling that my blogging time was coming to a close as I neared the end of my pregnancy, I was truly struggling to vlog & blog about my pregnancy and I really was having a personal struggle within myself each time I posted one, I felt like on one hand I owed my readers & viewers a new post but at the same time I didn't want to hit publish. But I still did - but after giving birth a wall went up, I was fine sharing our daughter with my family & some friends but I couldn't share her publicly - so I figured, if I was unable to share the most important part of my life on my blog, there was no point to it. 
The blog was a time consuming hobby that drew me away from the time I wanted to be spending with LuLu, so I made the choice to stop. It was actually pretty easy. I was sad about it briefly, but I do not regret it for a second.

Appropriately almost exactly one year later I have had the strangest urge to blog again. But I also felt very strongly that it had to be a fresh start - this blog would be different. 

"Bella In Bindyland" was like my diary, a lifestyle blog where I shared my life so openly with my readers, but this space is going to be different.
It won't be so personal, I still have that strong urge to maintain a certain level of privacy for our lives, so I don't believe I will ever be as "open" as I was previously. I also want to be honest from the start & say that I don't think I will ever show my daughters face on this site & if I do it will be rare, I may write about her but that will probably be it. 

Modern Wife Life31, is going to be just what it says - about life as a wife & also as a Mumma in today's world.  

This blog is about sharing what I learn. 
I am so in love with being a Mumma to my sweet girl & being Trent's wife that I do truly strive to be the best I can be in both roles. To better myself I try to learn new ways of doing things, I educate myself on healthier alternatives to almost everything, I try (TRY) to think of ways to save money & I also aim keep our home lovely - I may not be perfect at it all, but I do try & that's why I thought sharing & documenting my tips, successes, fails & thoughts on this blog would be great & perhaps my readers & friends can share their advice with me too. 
I plan to share recipes, cleaning ideas/advice, home decor ideas, craft ideas, parenting thoughts/advice & I also just plan to write. Write about motherhood, life, being a wife, being me, I miss writing & I can't wait to get back into it.
Please note; I don't consider myself an expert on any of the above subjects, but I have a happy & healthy baby girl, a happy husband and pretty & presentable home and I believe those things prove that maybe I am doing ok. 

Also I realise this post maybe slightly confusing to any new readers that may stumble upon this blog. Never fear, keep an eye out for a new blog post where I will try and "introduce" myself - I'm still working on it - I kind of suck at "introduction" & "about me" posts - like what am I meant to write? I'm super awesome, follow my blog? But if you want to start from the beginning & get to know me a little better please check out my old blog which can be found HERE. 

Anyway,  I hope you stick around, I am so happy to be back.