Saturday, 31 January 2015

1st family holiday. Jan 2015

Good morning!!
It's a Saturday morning, I've just put LuLu down for her morning nap, I've scoffed down 2 Tim Tams, because well - why wouldn't you eat Tim Tams & I am sitting at my desk trying to think of what to write, because I've been a bit slack on the blogging... Sorry! 
Writers block, writers block, writers block.....
But I do have a decent reason for my lack of posts, we were on a short holiday the other week - it was actually our first ever holiday with our darling girl & my parents even came along with us, but poor LuLu got very, very sick the 2nd night into our trip & is still a little out of sorts so I've been devoting all my time to her and trying to stay on top of my cleaning so my poor little blog has taken the back seat! But I am back now! :) 
I am working on a few posts at the moment but just haven't had a chance to finish them. 
But I thought I would drop by and let you all know I am still here & still alive!!
Also I update very regularly on my instagram, it's like my mini every day blog!! So if you aren't a follower head on over & check that out - ModernWifeLife31 - Instagram would have to be my most favourite form of social media!! 
Anyway, I will leave you with a few little snap shots from our first family holiday! This trip was the first time LuLu has ever been to the beach & also the first time she has ever been very sick! 
My Dad took us over to a little private beach in his boat on our 2nd day. :) 
Getting a lesson off of Daddy on how to build sandcastles. 
Collecting seashells. 
I really love the beach, it's so peaceful and pretty. Hopefully next time we visit it is a better trip for all of us!
Have a wonderful weekend and for those Queensland readers, don't forget to vote today! We are off to the polls later this afternoon when Trent gets home from work!  
Talk soon!!

Monday, 12 January 2015

How to follow Modern Wife Life31


I just want to address an issue which is fairly frustrating at the moment for me. I have been told by countless people that they can't subscribe to my blog through Google Friend Connect, which is super annoying. (It comes up with an error message if you click "Join this site")
I think it's a very glitchy gadget because Google is trying to force us all to use Google+. But I think I've worked it out - I know it doesn't work if you hit the "Join this site" button, but just to the right of it there is 2 little turquoise squares, I find if you click them - it works. (I tried this with my other google accounts and I was able to follow!)

If that still isn't working for you, please follow me on one (or all!) of this sites if you have them!

I update my social media very regularly and notify all my accounts when I do a new post, so if the GFC isn't working, this is the next best thing.
I am so sorry for this technical glitch and I am constantly working to try and fix it, from all the research I've done there doesn't seem to be a way to repair it, it's just sheer luck if yours works or not, I've read of tons of other bloggers having this issue. :( 
So I guess if it continues to be a problem I may have to move over to Wordpress, which I really don't want to do.
But anyway, fingers crossed you can follow now!
Please let me know if this works or not!
Thank you for your patience!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Series; Positivity.

Welcome to my first 'Sunday Series' post.
I am not sure how "well received" this series of posts will be, as it is an entirely different approach to my usual "Bella In Bindyland" style of writing. To be honest it is a little daunting posting this type of material... 
While I wrote at "Bella In Bindyland" I briefly touched on my faith and mentioned it a little more regularly after I was pregnant - but it wasn't something I always openly spoke about. 
I had an idea this morning, that each Sunday or maybe every other Sunday that I would write a post about my week, an event or something that was on my mind -  just something that I was dealing with or had dealt with and refer it back to how I used my faith to deal with it or a verse that I found comfort in... Maybe? Or this maybe the only one I write - let me know what you think, comment below...

To kick of this Sunday series, lets talk about my morning today (I am writing this on Saturday afternoon
I woke up early - like inhumanely early. 
I'm talking, 4:30am early. That is not my ideal wake up time. Heck, I will wake up 5am gladly - I almost like waking up at that time as I find I get a lot done early in the morning but I like that extra 1/2 hour of sleep (or preferably another hour or 2!), but today I woke up at that dreadful hour, with a horrendous headache that I had since the night before and my daughter leaning on top of me smiling down at me saying "Mumma, Mumma" while she tried to get into my nightie for "boobie" (yes, still breastfeeding - slowly working on weaning). So as I laid her down and fed her I drifted off to sleep & then I heard Trent's alarm beeping, I swear this was like 2 minutes later - then I realised, gosh I had woken up before Trent! 
He got out of bed and ready for work and as LuLu sleepily stopped feeding I rolled her over and snuggled her - but then she sprung up, she was awake and full of energy and she wanted to play!! I tried laying her down saying "Bubbas tired..." & patting her & normally that works perfectly - some mornings she will fall back to sleep with me until 6 or 7am. But nope, not this morning. In her mind it was time for us to be up - Trent even attempted to get her back to sleep for a little while, but our girl was wide awake... 
So after Trent left I crawled out of bed, head pounding and I made my way to the kitchen, it then dawned on me that I hadn't started the dishwasher last night - argh, I hate dirty dishes and leaving them over night in a dishwasher - well, yuck! It stinks and is gross. This just seemed like a never ending bad morning that was dragging on from a bad evening last night. 
*Rewind* Yesterday evening I stupidly forgot that cream was a crucial ingredient in making a quiche - so after being out all day I didn't even think to buy the cream that I would need to make dinner, it didn't even dawn on me - and I use the same recipe almost once a fortnight to make dinner, I felt so stupid and I was fairly annoyed at myself. (we had omelette instead for dinner!) 
Anyway, as I went back to the bathroom to rewash my face, I looked in the mirror while wiping away the water and I thought - I can quickly wipe away the water on my face to make it dry - I can quickly erase the negative thoughts of this morning and replace them with some good thoughts & make this day better. I was in control of how my day was to be. These negative thoughts and negative way of viewing everything was not good enough.
So I picked up LuLu and we walked around the house opening the windows as we always do, letting the cool morning air in. We admired the sun rising and how peaceful and lovely everything is in the early hours of the day.
As I changed her nappy and put her in clothes for the day, I thought to myself what a truly blessed life I live. I turned every reason for my "bad" morning into a reason for a "good" day. My daughter waking me up at 4:30am is not a bad reason at all, I have my daughter. I prayed for years for her and now I have her, she is the light of our lives and such a joy to us she is never a bad reason. Forgetting to start the dishwasher - wow, first world problem much Bindy? I am thankful I finally have a dishwasher, Trent and I didn't have a one until we bought our new home recently because our last house was a very old one that had no space for a dishwasher. So I am lucky to have a dishwasher & it is one of the best ones on the market so I am extremely lucky, thank the Lord I no longer have to hand wash dishes. And just to make sure I was really thinking of how truly blessed I am, I reminded myself I have running water and electricity to allow the dishwasher to work!
As I walked out of LuLu's room and went about making our breakfasts I knew my day was going to be better, I felt more positive and more awake. 
Our lives are wonderful, we are rich in blessings and I had no excuse to be miserable over such silly & honestly such trivial reasons. I said thank you to our Lord for so generously blessing Trent and I in our lives and asked that He help me continue to have such a positive way of thinking for the rest of the day. 
My day was great, I had loads of energy and LuLu patiently played while I did 2 loads of laundry, she helped me polish the wooden furniture and then quietly followed me around while I vacuumed the house. She had a very long morning nap, so I was able to do some more jobs, read, catch up on social media & just relax a little. After lunch I mowed the lawn while LuLu played outside with the dogs & then we had a nice swim together and then she had another nap. It was a pretty great day and I got lots done! 
But that didn't mean things didn't go wrong either today. I went to the store for dog shampoo & fruit, I forgot the dog shampoo. When I mowed the lawn I accidentally hit a rock and it shot out the back and stung me in the top of my thigh - & holy crap it still hurts like crazy! But those issues didn't define my day, I could've been super negative about both of those occurrences but I chose not to. 
I find if I stick with a positive mind set and remain grateful for what I have, my day just goes better, my attitude is more pleasant, things just seem to go my way & I deal with everyday issues a lot better.

I chose to thank God for my day regularly, just little prayers said in my mind - they keep me searching for the good in my day & help me to remember how fortunate I am & I also ask Him to help me if I am struggling with a tough moment or I am feeling negative. 
But you don't have to believe in God or even be religious to have this mind set. I know how easy it is to slip into a cranky & negative state of mind and hate the world and be super critical & negative - Lord knows I can be in a very bad mood sometimes, don't think I am trying to portray myself as Sally Sunshine because no one is happy 24/7, but I am determined to be a better person, because my attitude controls the attitude of my household. 
If I am happy & pleasant I find my home is more calm & joyful. If I am cranky & negative, well it can be fairly stressful & tense here at times. 
So give it go, honestly - you can leave God out of the equation and just change the way you think. If you wake up and feel negative, list 10 things in your life that make you blessed. Even if nothing in your life is going the way you want it to right at this very moment, you are still privileged. Don't be shallow, look deep into how fortunate your life is. If you are reading this, you have internet connection - there, that is one thing to be thankful for. 
But I truly believe our minds shape how our day will be - even how our lives will be. So be positive. I encourage you to go about your life with a joyful heart! 
AMEN!!! Proverbs 4:23 NCV
Doing everyday tasks with a joyful heart honestly makes those mundane jobs more pleasant and easy & keeps your mind positive... Well, it works for me! :)
And for those that don't believe in God... 
I think this is a valid point - we all the have negative & positive thoughts in our minds, just as we have good and evil in our hearts - what we choose to act on truly defines who we are. (Ah Sirius, so wise.) 

So... Thoughts? Did you like this style of blog post? 
Leave me a comment below (or on Facebook, or email me or tweet me!) your thoughts on this post and if you would like to read similar posts in the future.
Have a glorious Sunday.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

This is me...

Hi! Hello...

Welcome to  Modern Wife Life 31...

  • I am Bindy. Well, Belinda - but I hate that and anyone who knows me knows that - people who tend not to like me overuse the name "Belinda" constantly - so lets just say my name is Bindy! 
  • I previously wrote over at "Bella In Bindyland".
  • I took a year long break away from writing so I could be with my daughter while she was a newborn & during her first year.
  • Now that she is a little older and I have been getting some "me" time, I felt I should be using my time wisely instead of wasting it - so I had a very strong urge to start this site & now here we are.
  • I am 26 - 27 in September. 
  • I love my faith & I look forward to expanding my knowledge as I learn more about it.
  • I am married to a great man - Trent, he loves to hunt & fish. 
  • We have an amazing little girl, LuLu. She is so clever, fearless, funny & so incredibly sweet. 
  • We have 4 furbabies - Duke, Daisy, Mishka & Spook.
  • I do live a very blessed life and it is something I am truly grateful for.
  • I love the colour turquoise - well I really like anything in that blue/ cool coloured colour wheel - mint green, turquoise, blues - I just like them all.
  • I really like squirrels - I don't know why, I just do. I've never met a squirrel but I think they are great. I may have a squirrel collection... 
  • I have a Thermomix - I own the TM5 and I love it, it's name is 'Thermie'!
  • I love the satisfaction of a clean house, it maybe a bit of an obsession. 
  • I love what I do, I know to some ladies staying home being a "housewife" is not their idea of a great life choice - but it is for me. I truly love my role and I am very grateful that I have the means & opportunity to be a "stay at home Mum".
  • I love candles, my favourite scents are really clean scents - like linen. But my candle selection varies on the season!
  • I love anything to do with antlers, deer heads, hunting, camo, hides/skins... I am not joking. I dream of having a deer head hung in our living area or having an antler chandelier. I wish I could hunt, my husband, dad & brothers do and they are actually very good at it - I am yet to go on a trip - but I do think it would be great.
  • I grew up on a property where we had cattle & goats and I feel I had an amazing childhood and wouldn't change it for the world. 
  • I am the eldest of 4 children.
  • My parents are amazing people who I respect and look up to. I can rarely make a decision without their input. 
  • I love taking photos. My photos mean so much to me.
  • I adore country music - it is the only type of music I listen to! The Zac Brown Band is possibly my most favourite band ever.
  • I am also really short, like just over 5ft. I think I am 5ft1" (or 2). 
  • During high school I had very blonde hair, I highly doubt I will ever go back blonde, I love the "dark side" too much! 
  • I cannot stand fake people at all. If you lie to me, act fake, be dodgy - I don't care - that's it - I do not need people in my life like that. 
  • I can cut people off very quickly - I guess I can be 'cold & hard' in that sense. I will be kind & lovely to you as long as you are the same to me. Disrespect me or my family or be disloyal, then your actions are final and I truly can just move on in my life without you. 
  • I prefer to spend time with positive people who make me truly happy instead of spending a bad time with a negative person who is cruel or tries bringing me down. 
  • I live in a small town outside of Toowoomba, Queensland - Australia! :)
  • I am a wife, a Mumma, a daughter, a sister & a best friend. 
  • I am not perfect, nor is my life - what I write here is at times just an edited version of my existence. 
  • I love writing, so I am very glad to be back 'blogging'.
My wonderful husband and I being a bit silly :)  

My whole world. Being her Mumma is the greatest joy in my life.
Daisy, Duke, Mishka & Spook.

So that's a little about me, so what about you? I want to know! Leave me something about you in the comments below - even just tell me what city/state/country you live in or let me know what you would like to read here! 
Thank you so much for reading, please be patient with me as I work on some content & a blogging schedule - trying to get back in the blogging game after being out of it for a year is a bit tough! So thank you for your patience!
Talk soon!! 
(Also if you are on Instagram come over and follow me, I post there regularly - @ModernWifeLife31)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Catching up & resolutions!

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." Oprah Winfrey. 
Welcome back and Happy New Year!! 
We are 3 days into the new year & I hope the start of the year has been great for you!

I explained in my previous post why I stopped writing my old blog & why I'm back now with this new space - but I thought I should very briefly fill you all in on my last year, just so we are all caught up - please also let me know how 2014 was for you in the comments below!

2014 was a wonderful year for us & very, very busy. 
We experienced many major milestones in LuLu's life - eating, sitting up, crawling, talking, walking - running! And of course her first birthday! The first year of her life truly went by much to fast for my liking! I still now find myself sitting there somedays when she's fallen asleep on me or if I am watching her play, wishing to rewind time - to let me play it all back, just so I can take it all in even more, to hold my teeny tiny sleepy new born again, to experience all those "firsts" again... But then I love now & I love the idea of the future, watching her grow & learn new skills so quickly I know her growing up healthy & happy is truly a blessing and something I am very thankful for & I never take for granted.
During last year we also sold our first little home, it was a lovely home for Trent & I but when LuLu arrived we knew we needed bigger. We wanted her to have space, we wanted to live in a quieter area, we wanted a nicer & more modern home for her to live in. So we searched for what seemed like most of the first 1/2 of the year, we prayed & we found ourselves a new & perfect home that met all our requirements and even the "extra requirements"! It was a great buy and something we are incredibly proud of.
2015 is looking like a much quieter and more relaxing year for us. Moving house is not my idea of a fun time! At this point we have no big plans for this year & I like that, I am looking forward to a nice & hopefully simple year.

So speaking of 2015 - resolutions - do you make them? 
I made a few this year...
  • Be more thankful, be happier, be healthier & stress less. (Pretty standard, the stress one will be my biggest challenge I think) 
  • Care more, care less. I read this recently on my friends instagram post and I love it. It is so perfect for me right now. I need to focus less on awful & negative people who try hurting me and focus more on the wonderful & positive people I have in my life and also just care more about me. 
  • Stay far away from those who cannot bring me joy. Do not interact with those that cause me pain. I stupidly failed this one already by interacting with an absolutely dreadful person when I know I should've just ignored her. But this is something I can work on and just learn to ignore people, even those who taunt & try to bait me.
  • Buy less, choose well. I really want to save more this year and I think buying a few good quality items is much better than wasting lots of money on nonsense purchases.
  •  Write this blog. Give it a chance to grow. Be patient with it.
  • Continue to be strong in my faith & learn more.
And the same resolutions I pray for every night & day...
  • Be a better me, a better wife, a better Mum, a better daughter, a better sister & a better friend. I always feel like I can strive to be better & some days I don't feel like I get any better & maybe I go in the opposite direction, but I just wake up the next day & try again. 

So we are briefly caught up. 
What was the highlight of 2014 for you and what are your resolutions for 2015? 

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." - Helen Keller