Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Decorations & message. {2016}

Hello dear friends!
I thought I would post a very quick blog post and get in early to wish you all a very Happy Easter.
I pray that you take time during this holiday to remember why we celebrate Easter and that your Easter weekend is safe & an enjoyable one full of love, family, good food & of course a few chocolates! 
I thought in this blog post I would share a few photos from around our home of some of my Easter decorations.
I love this sweet tiny bunny resting in a tea cup! 
This dashing fellow is Sir Hops-A-lot
Some of the beautiful Easter Decorations in LuLu's room. (the deers are always in her room) 
I know it is a lot of bunnies! I slowly add to my decoration collection each year when I find special little pieces.
Have a beautiful Easter!

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  1. Beautiful decorations, I think I need to add to my collection myself


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