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I just want to address an issue which is fairly frustrating at the moment for me. I have been told by countless people that they can't subscribe to my blog through Google Friend Connect, which is super annoying. 
I think it's a very glitchy gadget because Google is trying to force us all to use Google+. But I think I've worked it out - I know it doesn't work if you hit the "Join this site" button, but just to the right of it there is 2 little turquoise squares, I find if you click them - it works. (I tried this with my other google accounts and I was able to follow!)

If that still isn't working for you, please follow me on one (or all!) of this sites if you have them!

I update my social media very regularly and notify all my accounts when I do a new post, so if the GFC isn't working, this is the next best thing.
I am so sorry for this technical glitch and I am constantly working to try and fix it, from all the research I've done there doesn't seem to be a way to repair it, it's just sheer luck if yours works or not, I've read of tons of other bloggers having this issue. :( 
So I guess if it continues to be a problem I may have to move over to Wordpress, which I really don't want to do.
But anyway, fingers crossed you can follow now!
Please let me know if this works or not!
Thank you for your patience!

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